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Saket K. Ambasht, MD

Founder located in Anchorage, AK


Dr. Saket K. Ambasht served over twenty-one years in the United States Air Force before retiring as a well-decorated Lieutenant Colonel. Shortly after, Dr. Ambasht decided to continue serving his local community when he opened Pioneer GI Clinic on July 7, 2008. His military experience reinforced his dedication to providing a respectful, accommodating, and accessible clinic to all patients.

Dr. Ambasht took pride in the fact that patients could call in and speak with a live person in seconds without navigating a complicated automated phone tree. He emphasized the importance of building a modern clinic filled with warmth and positivity, a true reflection of Dr. Ambasht’s personality. His jovial nature and relentless honesty spread throughout the staff at PGIC, and this allowed patients to feel both welcome and valued in the clinic.

Dr. Ambasht took pride in the fact that Pioneer GI Clinic and its staff provided the highest level of care universally to everyone. He truly believed each person warranted his sincere time and effort, and patients deserved the opportunity for their concerns to be heard and their needs understood.

During his thirteen-year tenure running Pioneer GI Clinic, Dr. Ambasht desired to leave a legacy where patients could continue receiving outstanding medical care with a personal touch. As he neared retirement in 2021, Dr. Ambasht was thrilled at the opportunity to transition Pioneer GI Clinic in its entirety to Drs. Ordonez, Pabby, and Villa. His confidence in their professionalism, knowledge, and patient-focused approach allowed Dr. Ambasht to retire knowing that Pioneer GI Clinic would continue to thrive in the coming years.

We thank Dr. Ambasht for his vision, guidance, and inspiration. His genuine care and commitment to others serves as an inspiration to us all, and we will miss him dearly — both as a colleague and a friend.