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Frequently Asked Questions


1. Is Pioneer GI Clinic owned by Alaska Regional Hospital?

No. Pioneer GI Clinic is an independent private entity without any financial relationship with any hospital. As a result, you do not incur facility charges for clinic visits.

2. What if my insurance company requires me to have my procedure performed at a specific facility?

Our physicians hold privileges at South Anchorage Surgery Center, Surgery Center of Anchorage, Alaska Regional Hospital and Providence Alaska Medical Center. They have specific block times on specific days of the week at each of these facilities where an elective procedure may be scheduled.

3. Who will perform my procedure?

We have Dr. Ajay Pabby, Dr. Nicholas Villa, and Dr. Miguel Ordonez. One of the 3 will be assigned to perform your procedure.

4. Do we see patients with liver disease?

Yes. Our physicians are trained to evaluate and treat chronic Hepatitis C and other liver, biliary, and pancreatic diseases. Rapid advances in available treatments for chronic Hepatitis C offer an extremely high rate of cure without relying on any injectable drugs.

5. Are we a preferred provider with your insurance company?

Our providers are credentialed and contracted with PREMERA Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, Cigna, and others. Please check with your insurance company if you are uncertain.

6. Does Pioneer GI Clinic have Electronic Health Records (EHR)?

Yes. Pioneer GI Clinic has a fully-integrated CCHIT-certified EHR software through eClinicalWorks. We have a Web Portal which can provide you results and allow you to communicate with the clinic staff. Please provide your email address as part of your demographic information and we can primarily communicate with you electronically.

7. I live far from Anchorage. Is it possible to be seen at Pioneer GI Clinic during a brief visit to Anchorage?

We are committed to serving all Alaskans. If you already know that an endoscopic procedure is needed, please mention it to our staff. With advanced planning, we can schedule a consultation and your procedure during your stay. You will need to plan a stay for at least 3 days in Anchorage. Nearly all procedures are performed with moderate sedation to ensure a comfortable experience. As a result, you will not be allowed to drive for 24 hours. So, you will need to arrange for a non-medical attendant or an adult driver who will be responsible for you after your procedure with sedation. 8. Does P

8. Does Pioneer GI Clinic offer laboratory services?

Pioneer GI Clinic strives to provide a “one-stop shop” with some specialized labs that may be required in addition to tests obtained by your primary care provider. We encourage you to obtain your basic labs through your primary care provider.

9. Does Pioneer GI Clinic offer medicine infusion service?

Pioneer GI Clinic has built the latest state-of-the-art suite with comfortable, friendly surroundings for Remicade and Entyvio infusions. You can invite one friend or family member to share a comfortable reclining leather sofa to keep you company during your infusion.

10. What advanced procedures are offered at Pioneer GI Clinic?

In addition to upper endoscopy and colonoscopy, we offer endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP) to diagnose and treat biliary, liver, and pancreatic diseases, liver biopsy to assess liver health, endoscopic ultrasound (EUS) to produce detailed images of the digestive tract, chest, pancreas, liver, and lymph nodes and video capsule endoscopy (VCE) to image the small bowel for inflammatory bowel disease or obscure source of unexplained blood loss.


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